News and Awards (Sp16)

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Paul J. Silvia

We’re happy to announce this year’s Division 10 award winners. As usual, we had a stellar group of nominees.

The Arnheim Award, given for sustained, career-long research contributions, was given to Anjan Chatterjee for his exceptional contributions to neuropsychological studies of the arts and aesthetics, as well as for the central role he has played in establishing the field of neuroaesthetics within empirical aesthetics.

And the Berlyne Award, given for early-career research contributions, was given to two people.

Thalia Goldstein received the Berlyne Award based on her exceptional early-career contributions to the psychological study of acting and performance, as well as her research on the topics of pretence, play, and imagination.

And Jen Katz-Buonincontro received the Berlyne Award based on her exceptional early-career contributions to research at the nexus of education, creativity, and the arts, including the adaptation of technology to advance creativity and arts-based research.

Congratulations to our award winners, and our thanks to everyone who took the time and trouble to nominate someone. The depth of the pool speaks to the flourishing state of research in aesthetics, creativity, and the arts.


Paul Silvia and Jen Katz-Buonincontro, your friendly neighborhood Program Chairs, are happy to announce the highlights of Division 10’s programming for the 2016 APA Convention in Denver.

As always, we’ll have some lively posters sessions, invited addresses by the award winners, and a raucous Social Hour. This year got some great submissions, and the program has some fascinating sessions lined up:

  • Cross-domain creativity
  • Looking back to look forward: Re-examining and re-imagining historical ideas in creativity research
  • Mental illness in Big C and little c creative achievement
  • Mining mindsets: Studies and interventions on perceived versus actual creativity
  • Neuroscience of creativity
  • Skills and personality traits of performing artists
  • The development of creativity in children

We also have a professional development workshop for our many members interested in writing books:

  • How to get your book published: A conversation with professional editors

And last but decidedly not least, the Student Research Showcase will highlight the latest work from the new generation. Check back here for the list of our programming for 2016.