Message From The Editors (Sp16)

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Richard W. Hass & Jen Katz-Buonincontro

Hello Divison 10 faithful, and other interested readers! We are very excited to be presenting this inaugural issue of the Division 10 Newsletter, the second official publication from the Society for Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts. This is not intended to be an academic journal, but we see it as an important chance to communicate and disseminate information in a more formal way than is often feasible via the listserv. As a biannual newsletter, our primary foci are on updating members on important details of the health of the division, membership details, details of our annual conference presentations and activities, and ways to participate in division service. That is, many of us have quite a number of interesting things going on Re: Psychology, Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts. We hope that this can be a great way to spread information that falls outside the bounds of journal publications, listserv posts, and other well-established media.

It also provides a chance for members to contribute to the division beyond serving on committees by writing original pieces that inform the division of important theoretical ideas, practice and teaching experiences, and other issues of importance to the membership. This is especially important for members outside the academic community. Your voices are important too! These features are inspired by similar features in the APA Monitor on Psychology and the APS Observer. Each issue will feature one or two articles written by division members, and this issue we have: an article by Dr. Martin Lindauer (Professor Emeritus, SUNY, Brockport) Physiognomy and the Arts: A Rich But Neglected Relationship. Please direct future submissions to

Finally, we will dedicate much of our second of two yearly issues to themes that developed during sessions at the APA conference. Though our focus will be mainly on Division sponsored events, many of us have multiple membership and attend a variety of interesting presentations that can inform membership. We will be asking for submissions once the conference closes in the beginning of August.

For future issues, we encourage all members, especially student members to submit ideas for features, interviews, conference overviews, media, and the like. As you will see in the report from the President (Steven Pritzker), Division 10 members played a critical role in the development of an APA sponsored video to promote creativity in the classroom. As we are an online newsletter, we are able to integrate content like this, which will set us apart from the usual newsletter fare. After all, this is the Society for Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts! Please enjoy this issue, and send feedback!